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黑龙江时时彩介绍:Midi line-up announced + tickets on sale now

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See what's in store for this year's Midi Music Festival

Midi has finally announced details on their upcoming three-day festival taking place during the Labour Day holiday (May 1-3). The complete line-up features a wealth of Chinese and international talent including Britpop legends Suede.

Go ahead and take a look at the schedule for days one, two and three. If you see something you like then you can buy tickets on Douban and Damai. An advance day-ticket will set you back 120RMB and an advance three-day pass costs 300RMB. If you're not big on planning ahead, then you can buy a ticket on the of day for 150RMB.

This year Midi is being held at Kuangbiao Paradise, a sport resort way out in Haidian. Midi's made no announcement on shuttle buses which we're hoping will happen. If not, to get there on public transport you can take buses number 22, 16, 367, 387, 302, 331, 300 to Bei Taipingzhuang station and walk west for 300 meters on the north side of the road.

Midi Music Festival is being held at Kuangbiao Paradise on May 1-3. See our Midi Festival page for details and check back for upcoming information on transport, camping and more.